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Feeling the Magic…

In May, we welcomed a few Emmy-award-winning filmmakers into our doors.  It all started the winter prior, when Atlas Obscura found the Carousel of Happiness, and decided to explore the intriguing story of our organization.  Andy and Farhod of Studio Koa are excellent documentary filmmakers, and were excited for the chance to learn about us.  Even so, nobody could have prepared them for the depth of the experience they would have.  And it was all beautifully captured on film.


Andy and Farhod began their visit to Nederland by meeting Scott, seeing his home and his workshop, and interviewing some of the community members that were intricately involved in bringing Scott’s dream of “a carousel spinning in a mountain meadow” to life.  They were amazed by the stories they heard, and the people they met.  And as they walked through the doors of the Carousel house for the first time, they mentioned that they could feel the presence of a healing energy, and the stories they’d been hearding began to make sense.


Photo by Shamim Mohamed on Flickr

Andy and Farhod spent the weekend filming the riders, staff, and all the pieces that go into keeping this carousel operable.  They saw the happiness and joy of being “in the moment” on a ride, and captured it all with their cameras.  Then, when least expected, a friend came up to ride the carousel, and she shared a most amazing story of how Scott and the carousel had touched her life.  Watch the film to hear the story…

Watch the short documentary done by Studio Koa for Atlas Obscura, in partnership with Colorado Tourism, on the AO website

Listen to Atlas Obscura’s podcast interview with Scott Harrison here

A message from Andy & Farhod after their visit:

“Farhod and I want to thank you again for the experience of coming to Nederland and entering the world of the Carousel. Thank you for guiding us through 3 magical days, and thank you for your candor and for trusting us with your story. Stories like yours and your community’s is why Farhod and I do this. We fell in love with Nederland and we’re changed forever by the story you shared with us. We are forever grateful for the wisdom, lessons, and joy you shared with us, for all your time and energy in giving us everything and more we needed to make the story, and for being able to spend time with you. 

We hope our paths cross again. If ever we find ourselves in Denver or Boulder, we will make the trip up the canyon to Nederland. The Carousel is one of the most magical places we’ve been to and a place of wonder we’ll never forget. We knew the minute we walked in that it had special mana deep inside it. As Trisha said in her interview (a quote that didn’t make the cut), there aren’t too many places on the planet that radiate joy and inspire healing like the Carousel does. We’ll be back.”

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