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Membership FAQs

Visit this page to see our three membership levels, and to purchase a memberhsip online.

You can also visit the carousel in-person to purchase a membership at the register.  

You will need to fill out the contact information and member information, so expect it to take at least 15 minutes to complete the purchase (either online or in-person).

When purchasing a Rabbit membership, we will need your name (or the adult/guardian’s name) and the child’s name.  

When purchasing a Moose or Lion membership, we will need your name, and the names of up to five family members you’d like to include on the account. Please note, you will be entering your name twice: once as account-holder, and again as member #1 (unless you are purchasing the membership as a gift for someone else, and you choose to NOT be included in the five members).

For all memberships, we ask you include the member’s city, state, and zip code for our records. We also ask for your phone number and email address so we can contact you regarding your membership and any special members-only opportunites. 

You only need to include a mailing address if you need us to mail your introductory membership package (you can pick this up in-person on your next visit!).

Every member account holder can view their membership information on our website by logging in to their account, your login ID is the email address listed on the account.  

If you purchased your membership online, you set up your password at check-out.  

If you purchased your membership in-person, you will need to use the “reset password” link the first time you log-in to set your password.

If you purchased your membership online, it will renew automatically each year with the payment method used the first time.  You will receive a notification email before your renewal payment processes.

If you purchased your membership in-person at the carousel, your membership will not renew automatically.  You can renew in-person each year (or switch to an online membership purchase to renew automatically).

The complimentary tickets in your introductory package can be used by anyone!  Give them as gifts, bring friends and family to ride, or use them yourself.  The membership discounts and perks are only available to the person(s) listed in the member account.

Only members are eligible for a discount.  If you choose a Moose or Lion level membership, you can include up to 4 other family members.  For example, if you have a Moose membership for you, your spouse, and your three kids, all 5 of you are eligible for discounts, but anyone else riding with you that day will need to pay full price (or you can give them some of your complimentary tickets!)

We highly discourage any alterations to your membership after purchase, so please make sure you are choosing the correct membership for your needs! 

If you absolutely need to make changes to your membership after purchase, please contact us by email to reach the Director and discuss your options.

The members selected for the chosen account cannot be changed within the year of the membership purchase.  Rabbit memberships are only valid for one child for the life of the membership.  Moose and Lion memberships cannot be altered unless it is time to renew your membership.  Contact us if you need member names changed.

While your membership card is the fastest and easiest way to identify you, we can look you up!  Membership cards are scanned at checkout to automatically add your discounts, and are linked to your unique member identification number. 

If you do not have your membership card, log into your account online to see your “Member ID” (not “User ID”) and show the number at the front desk.  

If you do not have your membership card, and cannot log into your account, we will ask for the account holder’s first and last name, your first and last name, and one other piece of information on your account to identify you.

Yes! Anyone who has a membership can use their benefits at any time by simply showing their Membership card. This is the easiest way for us to identify members and apply discounts. 

If your child does not have their member card with them, please see “What if I do not have my membership card…?” answered above.

We are happy to help in any way we can!  You can contact the carousel by phone at (303)258-3457 and speak to someone at the front desk, or leave a message.  

You can also email us! We will make every effort to respond within 24 hours. 

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11am to 5pm


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10am to 5pm

Last ride of the day at 4:45pm

Call (303) 258-3457 for more information

Join us for the 2nd Annual


$1 Carnival Games

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Festival Fare

Two Circus Shows at 1pm and 4pm

Show Tickets $45-$55 per person

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