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A Celebration in the Mountains

If you stopped by the carousel house on August 8, 9, or 10, you noticed we were closed for special maintenance.  We received a consultation from Carousels and Carvings so that we can make sure to keep this thing spinning for another million rides.  Stay tuned for updates on maintenance and closures this winter ~ following us on Instagram or Facebook is the best way to stay up-to-date on our hours.

On August 13 and 14, we celebrated with free carousel rides for all in honor of Mary Wingate.  It was a great way to give back after being closed for a few days!  Mary Wingate (1933-2020) was a long-time friend of the carousel.  She was dedicated to preserving and improving the natural and historical beauties of our community as well.  When thinking about what would make Mary happy, her family decided that giving everyone a chance to ride the carousel by sponsoring a weekend of free rides, is the perfect way to honor her.  We aksed visitors who rode for free to enjoy the carousel, ride as many times as they like, and simply give what they can.  We gave over 1500 free rides that weekend, and everyone walked away with a smile!

As we reach the end of summer, the Carousel of Happiness will need your financial support to help fund the maintenance projects for this century-old carousel.  We’ve got a great maintenance crew working to develop a plan and secure the fabrication of special-order parts.  Some of the fixes may involve dismantling large pieces of the carousel, which will leave us closed for a few weeks.  If you’re an experienced laborer, give us a call to see if you can help with some of these projects.  We’ll be sure to snap some pictures so we can show you all the hard work going into this machine!


There are several ways to make a contribution:

  • Mail a check to Carousel of Happiness, P.O. Box 1811, Nederland CO 80466
  • Make a donation with your debit/credit card online HERE
  • Drop a few bucks in the donation jar after you ride, or add a “tip” to your gift shop purchase – all of this goes towards maintaining our carousel!
  • Adopt a Piece of the Carousel, a fun way to help keep us spinning LEARN MORE
  • Ask about making a legacy gift, gift of stocks or bonds, gifts of items, or other contributions by contacting us at [email protected]
And check out these ways to support us that cost you absolutely nothing!
  • Sign up for King Soopers Community Rewards LEARN MORE
  • Shop with Amazon Smile instead of the regular site, and choose the nonprofit you’d like to support at the top HERE
  • Are you a seller on eBay?  Check out eBay for Charity LEARN MORE
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11am to 5pm


11 am to 5pm


11am to 5pm


11am to 5pm


10am to 5pm


10am to 5pm


10am to 5pm

Last ride of the day at 4:45pm

Call (303) 258-3457 for more information

Join us for the 2nd Annual


$1 Carnival Games

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Festival Fare

Two Circus Shows at 1pm and 4pm

Show Tickets $45-$55 per person

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