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Historic Carousel Goat Rocker on Display

This carving is beyond unique! Its scale is seldom seen for a rocking horse, goat or anything else that rocks.

The design for this goat dates to the very early 1900’s with Robert Muller, a German immigrant who studied as a young man at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. According to the authoritative website CarouselHistory.com, “ A sample of fine early 1900 carousel horse (mostly) carvings all attributed to the talented Daniel Carl Muller. Muller’s figures are understandably some of the most sought after of all carousel figures.” This goat is a replica of one of Muller’s early carvings created for one of the large carousels of the time.

A Niwot-based artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has generously donated this amazing work of art to the Carousel of Happiness. We are pleased to offer this figure for sale in our Carousel house with proceeds from the sale directly supporting the continued operation of the Carousel.

We have not determined the name of the sculptor, nor the age of this piece. Some carvings take one’s breath away at first showing. This surely fits that category and would be a welcomed addition to any home, business or gallery space!

We are offering this figure for sale with a $7,500 donation to the Carousel of Happiness which directly supports our programming as a non-profit. This work of art is sure to bring many years of joy and happiness! 

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