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February 23 2014

The portal has been established!

Here are two photos:

february 19 2014 002 february 19 2014 003

february 19 2014 002


The wall is plaster and the finish is a fresco technique, made of lime and crushed marble and applied by Ryan Chivers of Artesano Plaster in Boulder. Amy Bayless helped to apply the great pigments to the finish on the final day.

Amazing. Am now working with Marian Reynolds who is making two customized lights to shine from either side of the portal to shine on it.

Hope you like it. Am sending out invitations to the donor party on April 5.

1 thought on “February 23 2014”

  1. Our first trip to Nederland was August 2013. I love carousels and of course fell in love with Nederland and the carousel. We will be back this August and I want to spend a night or two in the village. I need a whole day just to enjoy the carousel. We are from Jackson, TN and can’t wait to get back there.

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