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February 19 2013 post

Finally, with spots, this giraffe looks like a giraffe. Here are some pictures of how she looks today. I am planning to finish painting the inside of her ears and a few other details in the next few days. Then next week, after putting some additional supporting material in her area of the wall, I will gather some friends and put her up. I am also installing the dog, Oberon, the same time.

Then, with my shop space free I will be working on an upgrade to a wooden ring which holds some important metal bearings on the carousel mechanism. This will take a few days and then, with new basswood which I have yet to purchase, I will start on the next animal, a pelican, which will look like he is busting through the portal to land inside the carousel house.

But first of course, I will post a few photos of the giraffe and dog once installed.

giraffe 2 19 2013 006


I have turned this photo sideways so you can get a better impression of how she will look when attached to the wall.

giraffe 2 19 2013 003


2 thoughts on “February 19 2013 post”

  1. Hello how are you. I love love love your work how much would a giraffe this size cost. I have been looking for a piece like this. Please respond. You are the best. Thanks

    1. Hi Kim, sorry for this very late reply. Sorry but the animals are not for sale. Everything I carve is given to the carousel. But I appreciate that you like them! -Scott

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