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Community Band Organ Concerts

On April 26, the Carousel launched a series of band organ concerts for the Nederland community so that residents can enjoy the old familiar sounds of the carousel, and we can continue to share the joy during the Covid-19 pandemic while the carousel is closed.

The concerts will take place on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 3 pm in the shopping center parking lot, and feature our 1913 Wurlitzer band organ playing assorted old-time music.

Local residents are encouraged to keep up a six-foot social distance and enjoy the music in any way they wish, whether that means dancing, foot-tapping or relaxing in the comfort of their car or lawn chair.

The concerts also are being featured on Facebook Live so that carousel fans can enjoy the events from afar. Visit www.facebook.com/CarouselofHappiness in real time, or come back later to hear the recorded concert.

The Carousel’s Wurlitzer 125 Military Band Organ is a hybrid machine, part old-time player piano and part pipe organ, according to Don Hein of Arvada who maintains it in tip-top shape.

Until next time around…don’t delay joy!

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11am to 5pm






11am to 5pm


10am to 5pm


10am to 5pm


10am to 5pm

Last ride of the day at 4:45pm

Call (303) 258-3457 for more information


Sunday Dec. 24:

Monday Dec. 25:

Tuesday Dec 26:

Wednesday Dec 27:

Thursday Dec. 28:

Friday Dec. 29:

Saturday Dec. 30:

Sunday Dec. 31:

Monday Jan. 1:

10am to 1pm


11am to 5pm

11am to 5pm

11am to 5pm

10am to 5pm

10am to 5pm

10am to 5pm

11am to 5pm – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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